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Butylated Hydroxy Anisole

Butylated Hydroxy Anisole

A synthetic phenolic antioxidant Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) is a commonly used fat soluble food preservative since 1947, with a broad biological activities. It prevents spoilage by reacting with oxygen. It slows down development of off-flavours, odours and colour changes caused by oxidation. It protects animals against radiation and the acute toxicity of various xenobiotics and mutagens.

1 Chemical Name : BUTYLATED HYDROXY ANISOLE (Food Grade, FCC-V)
(3-Tert. Butyl-4-Hydroxy Anisole)
2 Grade : Food & Feed Grade
3 Chemical formula : C11H16O2
4 Molecular Weight : 180.25
5 Trade Name. : BHA
6 CAS No. : 25013-16-5 PARAMETER NORMS
1 Appearance White to Pale yellow solid (Crystal or Powder) with waxy appearance.
2 Purity by HPLC (C11H16O2) 98.50% Min
3 3-Tert. Butyl-4-Hydroxy Anisole (3-BHA) 95.00% Min
4 Melting Point 48°C to 63°C
5 Tert. Butyl Hydroquinone 0.1% Max
6 Arsenic (as AS) 03 ppm Max
7 Heavy Metals (as Pb) 02 ppm Max
8 Sulphated Ash 0.01% Max

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Package Specification & Condition:

Packaging Specification : 25 Kgs in Fiber drums with LDPE Liner inside.
Storage Condition : Dry & Cool (Ambient Tem. 25°C.)

Shelf life:

When the container is intact : 2 years from date of Manufacturing.
When the container is open  : Subject to external environment.

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Food and Feed Additives




Edible Oils


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